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Our three services include:
- Career Coaching 
- Education Coaching 
-  Consulting 

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Discovering your career-related values, skills and interests 

Develop self-care practices that will keep your mind and body free of stress throughout the job search process

Resume & Linkedin revision to ensure your application materials are seen and chosen for your ideal job! 

A sneak peak of what your sessions will focus on:

Your one hour sessions will focus on aligning you with a new job that not only aligns with your values but also your skills and interests. 

We will focus on building your confidence to ensure that you are ready to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers in order to obtain your dream job! 

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Ready for a change within your career? Need support in pivoting into a new field? In need of job search strategies? All of these & more covered in our 1:1 coaching sessions.

1:1 Career Coaching

"It is always a pleasure to work with Catherine, who is so genuine and really got to know who I am as a person  to support me in any endeavors with my best interest in mind.
Catherine really takes the time to look for various resources and makes sure to follow up in a timely manner to really ensure that expectations and goals are met."

e. martinez

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Your goal is to enroll in an educational program but overwhelmed on which one to choose. 

Want both education and career coaching support during your time in your educational program 

Need a coach to support you in searching & applying for financial support to pursue your degree

this is perfect for women who are:

Within your one hour sessions, you will focus on: 
- Traditional v. Non - Traditional education programs
-  Financial Resources 
- College Admissions 
- Mindset coaching 

This coaching is helpful for those who are interested in enrolling in an educational program to reach their career goals.

Are you considering pursuing an advanced level degree? Are you interested in enrolling in a tech bootcamp? 

1:1 Education Coaching

"Catherine served as an advisor where she helped produce and run our inaugural college essay workshop for First Tech Fund. She was incredibly insightful, collaborative, and because of her work, our students felt much more comfortable with the college process."

-Josue De Paz, CEO & Co-founder, First Tech Fund

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this is perfect for:

High Schools, Colleges & Non-profit organizations

Companies that support the education & career advancement of students and women

Online business owner that supports the advancement of women & looking to partner and collaborate on an initiative 

Book Catherine to speak on topics such as:
- Non - linear career pathways 
- Career Development for early professionals 

Book Catherine to facilitate a workshop on one of her signature workshops:
- Think. Connect & Launch!: Turning your Ideas to Action
- What's Your Story: Storytelling & The College Admissions Essay
- Let's Unpack: Values, Strengths & Professional Values 


Are you looking for a consultant to come in & help support your program / services? 


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I'm ready!

So what are you waiting for?

the time is now

I know change can be difficult, I've been in your shoes. But, I've never allowed fear, doubt or the thought of stepping outside of my comfort zone hold me back in the pursuit of my goals. I wouldn't be here today without the support of my mentors and coaches. I'm ready to give you the support that you're seeking! 
Yes, the journey may be tough but you won't be there alone! Are you ready?

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