"When you expand people's perception of what is possible, you enable them to think bolder, dream bigger, and achieve more.
~ Arlan Hamilton

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Everyone has a story and everyone has goals in life. What's your's? I would love to hear more! 

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I'm an education & career strategist with extensive experience and passion for undergraduate and graduate college admissions. I have coached over 200+people with the college admissions and financial aid processes. My work has taken me to places including Texas, Massachusetts and California.

Feeling ready to make major moves, I decided to take a step back from working full-time to dedicate my time and energy into pursuing a graduate education. This ultimately led me to The Pennsylvania State University where I obtained my M.Ed in Education with a specialization in Higher Education.  

I've recently ventured out into the world of tech! How? I utilized my network to help educate me on the field, leaned in on my transferable skills and built up my confidence to transition into a new field. Sometimes things are beyond your control which can cause a shift in your career. For me, the pandemic! But, if you're willing to step out on faith and trust yourself, you can elevate yourself to any level possible! 

When I'm not working you can find me binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu, trying out new, delicious recipes or enjoying the beautiful weather in NC! Have questions any questions for me? Feel free to shoot me a quick email as I'd be more than happy to hear from ya! 

Meet Catherine

xoxo ~ Catherine

why elevate 30

Story of Elevate 30

The meaning of Elevate 30 is rooted within my personal educational and career journey. In my youth, I did what I was told. In my 20's, I set out to make my own moves. 

Now in my 30's, I'm elevating! 
and I want YOU -- to do the same! There is no other time than now to start making major moves within your life! If that means earning an advanced degree, go for it! If that means, pivoting into a new career field, strive for it! I hope to be there with you on your journey as you elevate! 

fun facts about me

Let's Get Personal!!

When I was 18, I dreamed of one day living in California. Years later, that dream came true when I made San Francisco my new home! 

I love adventure and once went zipligning in Niagara Falls  

Issa Rae and Arlan Hamilton are my SHEroe's! 

I wrote and performed my first-ever, one-woman show on stage in San Francisco. Was I nervous -- yup! But it was SO much fun!





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I'm ready!

So what are you waiting for?

the time is now

I know change can be difficult, I've been in your shoes. But, I've never allowed fear, doubt or the thought of stepping outside of my comfort zone hold me back in the pursuit of my goals. I wouldn't be here today without the support of my mentors and coaches. I'm ready to give you the support that you're seeking! 
Yes, the journey may be tough but you won't be there alone! Are you ready?

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